FAQ Questions and answers about "IamDiÖ"

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen Science describes scientific projects, that are conducted with the support of the population. The extent of this support can reach from small contributions like gathering data to citizens designing the project on their own. More information can be found on the austrian citizen science platform.

Why did you choose a citizen science approach?

Without you it's impossible. We want to gain another perspective on German in Austria. There are a lot of different forms of knowledge. We want to make science understandable and cover topics that are relevant to the society. We want to realisse, what moves the society and where there is still a backlog in research.

Why are there changes within the project?

As it is a flexible project changes are possible and necessary to respond to the needs of the participants.

Why should I participate? 

You speak German (in Austria)? In that case you are a language expert on your own. You know the best, when you talk how to whom about what.

We want research about topics in the field of German in Austria that are relevant to the society. That's why we need you. We make sure that your voice about German in Austria is heard.

What do I get out of it?

You gain insight in research activities. You can raise awareness what interests you, what your worries and concerns are about German in Austria.

Who or what can I do research about?

You can do research about everything, that interests you about the topic German in Austria, for examole your friends or your family.

Why is it called "IamDiÖ"?

"IamDiÖ" is an acronym for "In Aller Munde und aller Köpfe – Deutsch in Österreich" which translates to "On everyone's lips and minds – German in Austria". Although the name is originally german it is pronounced english: I am DiÖ. So "I am German in Austria". This should make clear, that you – the speakers and listeners of German that is spoken in Austria – are experts for the usage of the German language in Austria. We want your concernc about this topic to be included in research.

Who can I participate in "IamDiÖ"?

There are several ways to participate in "On everyone's minds and lips - German in Austria":

- You participate in one of our events.
- You do your own research about German in Austria.
- You ask us your research question at the Question of the Month.