How We Handle Your Data

This is how we handle your data

As part of the SFB "German in Austria. Variation – contact – perception." IamDiÖ tries to take all data privacy aspects into consideration. No data of the visitors who we consider as participants will be published without their consent!

We commit ourselves to protect your privacy and want to offer all participants a save and functional research environment by doing this. This privacy policy is valid for the websites of IamDiÖ and regulates the survey and usage of data of our participate-in-research-events. It is an extension of the general privacy policy of the project.

Gathering of personal data at events to participate

When submitting specific contributions on our website but also at events to participate you are asked to give us personal data. None of this data will be given to a thrid party (people who do not work at IamDiÖ or SFB DiÖ) without your written consent except when required by law.

For one thing we use your personal data for communication if you expicitly want contact (e.g. for getting research results, further information etc.), for another your data will be scientifically analysed and therefore used for research purposes by the SFB, IamDiÖ and cooperation partners of IamDiÖ.

You have to give us your consent for us to use and analyse your contributions scientifically. By doing so you and your contributions can help our research as well as other participants. Submissions that are handed in without signed privacy policy can not be analysed completly and therefore just be used for research to a certain extent.

At the following events to participate you have to (for you to be able to participate or for the app to work) give us your consent and accept the terms of use in advance.

For more information click on the events to participate:

  • By submitting a question of the month, you agree that all data given by you may get scientifically analysed and therefore be used within the SFB. Submitted questions as well as their answers (if already existent) will be on the project website as soon as they are checked and if necessary, edited by us.

  • Data and meta data are, in anonymised form, instantly visible over the Lingscape-App and on the Lingscape-website. By using the app, you agree to the terms of use of Lingscape.

  • If legally possible, the dialectal memes (as a combination of picture and text) are published on our project website or our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Blog). Personal data is just published with consent, otherwise the memes are just in anonymised form accessible for the public.

  • Data as well as meta date are saved for research purposes and therefore used and analysed within the SFB. The data is only published in anonymised form.

Publishing of research data and results

Valid for on- and offline submitted submissions:

Gained research data and meta data are available on the research platform of the main project as long as there are no legal or ethical reasons against it. In the future the research platform will be accessible through the website Personal data like the name are just published with consent, otherwise the gained research results are only in anonymised form available.

Furthermore, if there are no legal or ethical reasons against it, all results (Question of the Month and its answers, etc.) are publicly available on our project website as well as on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Blog). Scientific publications are as open access as possible.

Research-ethical principals

IamDiÖ commits to comply with research-ethical principals:

At events to participate no information about the participants is revealed without their consent.

Our project does not allow contributions that are offensive, defamatory, criminal, sexist, racist or discriminatory, or that contain threats or requests for violence, that violate copyright through their content (including text, images, photographs, drawings, videos), manufacturer's rights, rights of use or personal rights of third parties, as well as contain personal attacks or have only the purpose to talk a person, a group of people or a region down.