Our partners

The project "On everyone’s lips and minds ‑ German in Austria" is sponsored by the FWF (FWF: TCS 40 & TCS 57).


"IamDiÖ" gets special support from the researchers of the main project, from the universities of Vienna, Salzburg and Graz, as well as the Austrian Academy of Science.

Our international project partners are the university of Luxemburg and the university of Passau.

  • The university of Luxemburg ‑ represented by Christoph Purschke ‑ supports "IamDiÖ" with the App Lingscape to gather writing in public space and with the Know-How of linguistic citizen science projects as Lingscape is a pioneer project for citizen science in linguistics.
  • The university of Passau organizes a Meme-contest with "IamDiÖ" and explores the spreading of dialectal Memes on the Internet. Involved are Lars Bülow (chair of German linguistics) and Michael Johann (chair of computer-aided communication).