Who We Are

"On everyone's lips and minds - German in Austria (IamDiÖ)" is a citizen sciencce prohect which is funded by the FWF. It is an add-on to the SFB "Deutsch in Österreich. Variation – Kontakt – Perzeption."

The project, the events to participate at science events or also here on the website is organised by us, the IamDiÖ-Team. Just as important for the project are the experts of the SFB,  who support us and everyone who takes part in research with their knowledge and experience in research.
One of, maybe even the heart of the project are our researchers - because without citizen there's no citizen science.

Reseachers (Citizen Scientists)

are all those who are interested in language and take part in our research by

  • submitting questions (and answering them)
  • gathering pictures of writing in public space (and analysing them)
  • creating memes

Former team members

  • Melanie Seltmann
  • Martin Gasteiner