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Once again, the Centre for Citizen Science at the OeAD organizes the Citizen Science Award 2019 – and we’re on board!

The award offers the possibility to school classes and individuals to take part in research and gain not just knowledge and experience but also win monetary and non-monetary prizes! The most dedicated Citizen Scientists will be awarded and rewarded on November 19th, 2019 at the Citizen Science Award-day where there will also be guided tours, workshops and hands-on-activities.

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From the beginning of April until the end of June (4/1/19 – 7/5/19) you can discover the linguistic landscape with us!


What’s fascination about it? Linguistic landscapes provide information about how people understand and perceive language(s) and variety (or varieties) – dialects, youth language, etc. They show how language is used in Austria and which languages and dialects are written in public space.

The research of the Austrian linguistic landscape offers an insight into the different functions of language: dialect on an advertising poster, official language on an information board, multiple languages in a tourist region – language is deployed purposefully. With the Lingscape-app you can upload pictures and with that contribute to the scientific documentation and analysis of the Austrian linguistic landscape.

What do I need for that? A Smartphone or tabled with a camera, the Lingscape-App, an Internet connection the upload the pictures right away or later and in the best case also activated GPS on your device.

What do I have to do? You have to restister via email (! Download he Lingscape-app, enter the correct password (for individuals CSAward19, school classes get an individual password when they register), take pictures of written language in public space (e.g. signs, graffiti, stickers) in everyday life or on one of our scavenger hunts, upload the pictures and their locations to the app and add additional information.

When and where do the scavenger hunts take place? Individuals as well as school classes can take part in an hour-long scavenger hunt in Vienna, Graz or Salzburg to get an introduction into the usage of the app, linguistic landscaping and individual gathering. Dates will be announced.

I want to take part as an individual:

For you the quantity of the uploaded pictures is important, whereby just different motifs are being counted as well as the additional information (symbols), meaning in how many different categorys there was found something.

You can find the symbols used as well as the categories to find here: How do I upload a picture? Only catagories with correct tags can be taken into account.

Your pictures have to be uploaded in the project with the password CSAward19. The first picture you upload has to be marked with an individual hashtag so we can link all of your pictures to you. You will get your individual hashtag from us.

The two individuals with the most (different) pictures win attractive non-cash prizes.

Please register via email (! You'll get more information from us!

We want to take part as a school class:

With school classes quality counts as much as quantity.

The quantity will be evaluated with your uploaded pictures with different motifs as well as the additional information given (symbols).

Only categories with correct tags or symbols can be taken into account. You can find them under How do I upload a picture?

To score at quality you have to hand in a research report. It should be a reflection of your “sign hunting” and can include the following: Which question did we want to answer? E.g. In which languages are there signs in our region? Are there dialectal signs in our region? How did we approach the question and the „sign hunting”? How can one identify, that…? What did we learn from it?

All your pictures have to be uploaded into your individual class project. You will get your password from us when you sign up.

The school class with the most (different) uploaded pictures and the pest research report wins 1.000,- euros.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to document your participation in this or one of the other research projects in a video. This year, for the first time, 2,000,- euros will be awarded: once for the most creative documentation of taking part in research and once for the video showing the most creative integration of a project theme in the lessons.

Please register via email (! You'll get more information from us!

The prerequisite for participation in the Citizen Science Award 2019 is the registration via email (! Only the uploaded pictures by registered participants can be taken into account.