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questions about participating in research

  • Participating in research is very easy. You can join our events, ask your own research question or start your own research project.


  • Everything, you are interested in.

    “I am DiÖ” is a linguistic project, that is why you can mainly find information and ideas about “German in Austria” on our website. Naturally they can just be an impetus to discover other topics and area of research.

  • No one is born a master. So don’t worry! That is why we wrote instructions which will help you with the first steps.

    Additionally there is a lot of information about working scientifically, the process of research, interviews with our researchers, etc.

  • Of course! “German in Austria” means all types of talking and language in Austria. “I am DiÖ” is about how you use language and how you perceive it ‑ no matter what first language you speak.

    Also, the project deals with the influence of other languages on German. Especially with language contact it is helpful when one also speaks the contact language.

  • Write us your question. We try to give you an answer as soon as possible.