Word. Picture. Meme!

Here we want your creativity – create memes!
We give you either dialectal sayings or pictures which you should find a suitable counterpart to. 

Memes are picture-language-texts. They are often made of a picture and a saying, a statement, sometimes even just a word. They are known from pop culture and mainly spread through the internet and social media within the past years.

But careful: - Pictures that are used for memes are often protected by copyright. This means they can only be published and distributed if the originator agrees. So only if the person that took the picture agrees with you using it. If you want to use a picture where there’s a scene from a movie the producers would have to agree.

Why are we doing this and what about it is research?

On the one hand we are interested in the language you use. On the other hand memes are often provided with a hashtag, with that one can trace how it spreads through the internet. Our Colleges from the university of Passau are especially interested in this.