Scavenger hunt for writing in public space

Go hunting for different languages and dialects in Austria.

With the help of the App Lingscape which is developed by the team of Christoph Purschke at the university of Luxemburg you can easily go hunting with your smartphone. As soon as you spot writing in public take a picture of it - in the best case the geotagging on your phone is activated - and upload it on the app. You don't even need to sign in. The uploaded pictrue gets a location on the map from you and maybe even the language(s) you spotted on it. Also, you can have a look at the submissions of you and others.

Here you can watch a video about a past scavenger hunt in Vienna (11/7/2018)

Why are we doing this and what about it is research?

The spreading of different types of language in public space allows many possibilities of research. For example, one can explore in which contexts dialect is used or which languages or varieties are being recognised by the submitting person.

How do I participate?

That is easy! You download the Lingscape-app (iOS | Android) on your smartphone. The next step is to go to settings by tapping the “i” which is in the upper right corner of your screen and select the last option. Enter the password “DeutschinOesterreich” (Attention! The password for the Citizen Science Award 2019 is a different one!). Now you can upload pictures. It would be best if you add additional information about the linguistic form to the picture, for example dialect (Bavarian, Viennese), teenage slang. To do so you put the &-sign in front of it, for example “&Viennese”).

And here's how it works! – The step-by-step-explananation

1. Download the Lingscape-app (iOS/Android) on your phone.
2. Open the app and click on the in the upper right corner, then click on SETTINGS.
3. Enter the password DeutschinOesterreich and click SUBMIT. (Attention! The password for the Citizen Science Award 2019 is a different one!)
4. Click on CLOSE and the back arrow <- .


How do I upload a picture?

1. Open the app.

2. Click ADD NEW PHOTO and choose if you want to take one with your Camera or if you have already taken it and want to get it from the Library of your phone.

a. You want to take one immediately? Click on Camera. Your phone's camera will open, you can take a picture and if you're pleased with it click the checkmark.

b. You want to upload an already taken picture? Click Library. Choose the picture (tip: don't let too much time pass between taking the picture and uploading it, this way you find it in your library right away) and click on it.

3. Now you can adjust the window frame and if necessary, rotate the photo. Then click DONE.

4. Then you have to determine the Location. If you have your GPS activated while taking the picture the app will already propose the exact location. In order to confirm click SELECT THIS LOCATION. Unfortunately, you have to look for, zoom and mark the location manually on the map if you don't want to keep your GPS activated.

5. Choose the languages which are displayed on your photo by clicking the circled plus sign, confirm again with the checkmark.

6. If you want to you can add additional information as a comment.

a. Use the symbol & for marking varieties e.g. &Viennese, &youthslang

b. Use the symbol = for specific scripts e.g. =Cyrillic

c. Use the symbol @ to specify the context e.g. @railwaystation

d. Use the symbol # to specify the type of motif e.g. #restaurantmenu

e. Use the symbol to add translations

> You can find details within the app under TIPS & TRICKS


How can I explore all the uploaded pictures?

You can look at all already uploaded pictures in the app or on the website at any time. If you have a password activated, you can only see the pictures that were uploaded within your project. On the website you can also filter for projects or languages.