Starting your own research project

Curiosity, ideas, questions
– stand at the beginning of a research project.
For your project to become successful we show you what steps you should follow.

1. Find a research question

A well-chosen research question helps you ask the right questions and limit your research project.

Develop your research question

2. Plan your research project

A well-developed project plan helps you keep the overview – so everything goes according to plan.

Steps, that are to be noted in a research project

3. Gather data

"Data" is a broad term, it doesn't matter if you take already available data from books, databases or other sources - you have to gather them. 

Possibilities of data collection

4. Evaluate data

Now it gets exciting! By evaluating your data, you get closer to the answer of your research question.

Evaluate your data

5. Share your discoveries

The science society lives through constant exchange. Become a part of it and share your research results with others.

Publish your results